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2019 I white cement, text, used objects, found bone and water

two artists show in a garden of Palazzo del gatto, artist residency program in Casaprota, South Italy

I spent 1 month in artist residency at beautiful garden in small village called Casaprota, 45 minutes east from Roma. This area is called Sabine area, completely isolated in nature without reach of public connections, on the mountains still only one hour drive from city of Roma. The story of Sabine women goes about in time on creation of romans since those woman have been stolen as marriage material for Roman soldiers back in the days. The Sabine women were famous for their beauty and fertility.

In the Palazzo of the residency at first week I had a lot of difficulty in sleeping because of peculiar sounds and disturbances during the night of this huge and ancient villa. I had dream of a ghost in the house that later I discovered was a girl. All the artworks included in this one week long garden exhibition of the villa were a discussion with this ghost woman, the Sabine woman.

The exhibition consists of three art works, first is called "la faccia della fantasma" , face of the ghost, where I took a print from part of the wall in old wine cellar of the house where this ghost resided, I casted the print into circle formed white cement. Second part is a letter that I wrote one of those sleepless nights in conversation with the sabine woman, the ghost. Third work was an old bath tub I found in the house that I closed in order to fill it with water and placed it in barn whitened with lime. Inside the tub there is a bone I found one morning in the garden, work is called "perche mi hai lasciato qua da sola", because you left me here alone.

Letter to Sabine Woman

This house is dream of a broken woman. Princess dances amongst the wolves, bambi looking for a man in wind. I have slept maximum three hours straight here as I sweated and saw several men enter her, watching, observing, disturbing. She's grying because with her was left the pain of men. Sabine woman, glorious and full of sensuality. Eyes, ears and mouth open to the world. I take several deep breaths and ignore you. Never think of the discomfort. That is human way to grow in sustainability, to adjust. I forget myself. I try to remember something I lost but now I see her. I know her pain because I felt it too. Nothing has really changed. We still absorb and digest the pain of this world and men. We still carry secrets of the universe through our blood, through our heart, through our birth. Sabine woman, I am with you, I embrace you and I understand you. I live you inside me. You are not forgotten, your suffering is not in vain. You are here just to remind us about this world. We have to let go. Our contribution is our purity and no evil can brake it. we are covered by god's grace. 

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